Dee & Jimi – A Rainy Day

Yes, it’s been a while. If you’re wondering what i’ve been doing this whole time, it was weddings, weddings and more weddings. yeah, no excuse really, but i guess the workload has gotten the best of me and made me neglect my own blog for way too long. Well, that’s gonna change from now on, i can promise you that much. how soon new stuff will pop up here? i can’t say. how often that will happen? who knows. But it will, it will ;). oh and yes, there will be more actual weddings on here as well, just hang in there hehe. For now, here’s a little something from a post-wed session a while ago.

Dee and Jimi got married in september and what a lovely wedding it was (pics coming soon). We did this session a few days after and it was pouring down rain all day, even while already on the way to our planned location. I think a lot of people would have called it off there and then. But i have this theory that on any given day in Brunei, if it’s been raining non stop, there will always be this window of calm somewhere between 4 to 6pm, when everything just seems to fall into place.

At those times, anything can happen.

You don’t always need the sun to create something beautiful.

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